We are part of an international movement to fight climate change through mass sustained direct action and civil disobedience. Our goal is to continually disrupt business as usual till governments and corporations are forced to concede and take immediate action to halt the destruction of our planet.

Our Demands

Our demands were developed by the national coalition of XR groups in the US. Read the full demands here.

Our Actions

In addition to our large public actions, we organize regular small actions to bring attention to issues related to the climate emergency. We’ve done actions to raise awareness about Georgia Power, the sixth mass extinction, justice for climate refugees, and more.

Connect with Us

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Our latest actions:

Excuse our lag

We are in the process of updating our actions for 2020. Thank you for your patience!

Georgia Power Redecorating Project

On April 17, Extinction Rebels held a march at the Georgia Power building to continue to demand a 100% clean energy plan for Georgia in the utility company's long-range plan. Georgia Power is currently in the process of seeking approval for its Integrated Resource...

We’re Fucked. Fight Anyway.

This banner was hung on the Decatur Street Bridge over I-75/85 on April 17. The truth hurts, but we will go down fighting!

We demand clean energy now!

On April 10, Extinction Rebellion activists interrupted a Public Service Commission hearing for the Georgia Power 20-year Integrated Resource Plan to demand that Georgia transition immediately to 100% clean energy. The Public Service Commission is supposed to regulate...